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Bay Flats Lodge, Inc.,
391 Bayside Drive,
P.O. Box 580, Seadrift, Texas

Texas : 77983-0580
Lodge : 361-785-2686
Fax : 361-785-4176

The Texas Gulf Coast has never met a fisherman quite like Captain Chris Martin who has made his home in the area and successfully fished the waters running from Galveston Bay to the San Antonio Bay system since he was eight years old.  These waters have a special meaning for Captain Chris as he has turned his calling and passion for fishing into a long and successful career along some of the more impressive waters and gaming lands in Texas.  Now he works to share his expertise with the world with a beautifully laid out gaming lodge with amazing tours.

For many years Captain Chris attempted to avoid the call of the Texas Gulf Coast.  He spent twenty years working in sales and marketing after graduating from Saint Thomas University and seemed happy doing so, but something was always mission.  That missing ingredient was the life-long dream of turning his love of fishing into a living, which he now is able to realize and share with anyone who comes to visit.

Bay Flats Lodge is the place Captain Chris called home which he shares with his wife Deb.  The lodge is located in Seadrift, Texas overlooking the San Antonio Bay to give you a gorgeous view and spark your imagination as to what your next fishing or hunting adventure just might bring.  Whether you want to have a fun weekend of fishing, need a week-long vacation or are looking for a great way to set up a business retreat for your team, Bay Flats Lodge is the place to be to get away from the busy city lifestyle.

Chris has become so well known in the area that many fishing and hunting magazines have sought him out for his ideas and contributions.  Some names you might be familiar with include Coastal Angler Magazine and Texas Fish& Game Magazine.  The Dolphin Talk Newspaper and the Port Lavaca Wave Newspaper also have articles Chris has contributed to them.

Being somewhat of a local legend has not limited Chris to be only featured in print media.  He has been featured on NBC Outdoor Sports, has hosted Ducks Unlimited TV and has been featured in A Hundred years of Texas Waterfowl and Hunting which is a book by R. K. Sawyer.  The relationship Chris and Deb have garnered with Ducks Unlimited has allowed them to hose many Outdoor Media Camps for the organization including one camp that was attended only by women.

Sponsorships have been awarded to Captain Chris by Shoalwater Boats, American Airboats, Waterloo Rods, Texas Tackle Factory Lures, Mercury Pro Saltwater Team, Power Pole, Simms Waders, Yamaha Motors, Costa Del Mar, Footcush, Columbia Clothing and Mojo Clothing.  What does this mean for you and your vacation; you will have access to some of the best gear in the industry and have the ability to purchase some for yourself if you desire.

Without a doubt, Deb is the rock that makes this team steadfast and strong.  While Captain Chris is the face and the guild out on the water and in the blinds, Deb handles every part of operating her second love, Bay Flats Lodge.  When you see her friendly smile and see how she works with the staff you will feel more like this is a second home for you than just a vacation spot.

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